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Sardinia Retreat with Acrology

September 22, 2019 - September 28, 2019


Adventure, Fun and Relaxing Retreat with Acrology In Sardegna-Italy


22th to 28th September 2019

Join us for a week full of fun, relaxation, connection, and cool Activities.
We will explore this awesome area in the incredible Island of
Sardinia, moving our bodies with different practices that enrich the experience and help us to connect in a different way with the environment, with the local people, and the other participants. We consider our retreats an opportunity to enjoy life and travels in a very powerful way. It will be a transformational experience, a way to connect with yourself and with other people from different countries who are on the same path.


AcroYoga mixes the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic force of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages give the foundation to a practice that cultivates trust, play and community.

AcroYoga uses in play, group interaction, trust and security, sharing and flow. Flying is a bold and fun practice that we can experience with the support of all. Connecting and living in the present is our greatest gift.

Join and be surprised by your own capabilities. You do not need previous experience. We will adapt the level according to participants level and can split the group at times to facilitate learning at different levels


We consider hiking an excellent practise to discover, feel and enjoy beautiful places. We love to hike in Desert, Mountains, Canyons, Valleys… For us hiking is an active meditation which helps us to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. We will do some hiking routes around Ulassai to explore the area and appreciate the beauty of this incredible place in Magical Sardinia.


Climbing is probably one of our favourite activities after Acro. It´s a practice that makes you to stay in close contact with nature, takes you to amazing places, usually national or natural parks or small villages where only alternative travellers, local people or climbers go. Climbing teaches you how to face your fear, how to know and overcome your limits with humility, Its a team practice, which builds strong friendships and inspires you to live life fully.

We also find climbing to be a perfect combination with Acrobatics and Acroyoga because we find they have a lot of similarities and are complemantary physical activities.

We will have the oportunity to enjoy an incredible climbing spot with unique limestone climbing routes that are beloved by all the climbers who have been there. You can see Ulassai in climbing documentaries and magazines.

For more information and photos of Climbing in Ulassai have a look at the website of our friends and hosts in Sardinia:



Wake up each morning to some Yoga and therapeutic exercise, guided by a yoga teacher and a physiotherapist to revitalize and face a fun-filled day with healthy joints and muscles. We will practice body mobilization, stretching, partner exercises, breathing, massages, and specific exercises for AcroYoga and Climbing.


Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus), with an area of 24,100 square kilometres (9,305 sq mi).

Lake Omodeo, the largest reservoir in Italy
The nearest land masses are (clockwise from north) the island of Corsica, the Italian Peninsula, Sicily, Tunisia, the Balearic Islands, and Provence. The Tyrrhenian Sea portion of the Mediterranean Sea is directly to the east of Sardinia between the Sardinian east coast and the west coast of the Italian mainland peninsula. The Strait of Bonifacio is directly north of Sardinia and separates Sardinia from the French island of Corsica.

The coasts of Sardinia (1,849 kilometres (1,149 miles) long) are generally high and rocky, with long, relatively straight stretches of coastline, many outstanding headlands, a few wide, deep bays, rias, many inlets and with various smaller islands off the coast.

Ulassai is a small mountain town in the heart of Ogliastra, Sardinia’s most unspoiled and authentic region. Surrounded by high limestone cliffs and at an altitude of 700 m amsl, it attracts visitors for the combination of inland Sardinia’s uncontaminated nature and authentic traditions with the beauty of the coastline, only 20 minutes away by car.

Ulassai offers, in just a few km from the village centre, a wide variety of attractions: from the distinctive limestone “tacchi”, so-called because they resemble upturned shoe heels (“tacco” means “heel” in Italian), very popular with climbers from al lover the world, to the “Su Marmuri” cavern, one of Sardinia’s most famous; from the high, foaming Lecorci and Lequarci waterfalls, which form after the autumn rains, to the Taccu plateau with its woods of centuries-old oaks and strawberry trees, through which various paths weave to offer walks with breathtaking views.


For full info write to:


Price includes:

-Accomodation, food (3 meals per day) and all the activities from the 20th to the 26th September. Arrival day is 20th in the afternoon, we will provide a snack and dinner, on the departure day we provide breakfast and lunch.

5 Acro workshops
6 session of morning Excersise (yoga and Theraeutic exercise)
1 or 2 guided hikes
2 climbing days
1 Acroyoga Therapeutic Workshop with Thai Massage
1 Acroyoga guided Jam Session
A lot of fun,friendship, good vibes and and unforgetable experience….Músic if you bring instruments and we make a music jam session… 🙂 🙂 🙂

not included:

Climbing Gear, Travel cost, Travel Insurance, Extra Activities, One dinner at a traditional restaurant(10/15€)

———WHO WE ARE——-

Carú González

Bachelor of Education, massagist, climber, traveller, lover of sports, nature and all its creatures. He has done several training courses and workshops related toacroyoga, yoga, acrobatics, capoeira, massage and body work. Acroyoga certified teacher with the school Partners Acrobatics.
His passion is to do what he loves and sharing it with others, with a social and humanitarian vision, inspiring and sharing his practice and experience with other teachers from different places and taking his practice to places such as hospitals, prisons and youth centres. Since 2015 he has been organizing and participating in workshops, classes, retreats and trainining all over the world.

David Sanjuan

Physiotherapist, Technician conducting physical activities and sports in the natural environment (TECAF) Technician in superior physical-sports activities l, (TAFAD). Professor of Acroyoga with the International School Partner Acrobatics.
He has taught courses and workshops Acroyoga, juggling, slackline, Psychomotor, Sports games, postural re-education, therapeutic exercise … climber and nature lover. He loves to share his passions like climbing and Acroyoga with everybody; For him, it is the game where you become children again, where emotions play a fundamental role, to deliver the fun and enjoyment, knowing our body through movement. fascinates him as confidence in people makes them realize what they are capable of.

David Worrow

Bachelors in Fine Arts, certified Cambridge English teacher, and AcroYoga teacher at Partner Acrobatics.
“I have always had eclectic passions and interests. The knowledge and experience I have acquired in the different disciplines I practice (be it visual arts, movement arts, massage therapies, languages…) relate in strange ways and nourish one another. Eventually I found the common thread of all these: education; transmitting what I know to others, which ties all of them together. My objective is to merge the rigorous and efficient “”Cambridge”” language teaching methods with the fun and communicative Acro teaching techniques, and add a creative edge from my arts education. Out of all of these, Acro has been by far the one which has most taught me about myself and others. It is a huge pleasure to teach this awesome, fun discipline, and to keep learning so much from my peers and students, no matter what age, background, or capacities they have.”




September 22, 2019
September 28, 2019
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